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Can the Castor oil plant make you high?

I heard that with the right preparations you can use it as a easy drug, and sometimes it can be toxic. what is the right use?Can the Castor oil plant make you high?
Nope haven't heard that. There is a castor relative that has been thought to be a catalyst in mescal.

Castor beans (not the oil) are not to be messed with as they are extremely toxic:

Although castor and jequirity beans are an uncommon cause of poisoning, they remain a concern because their toxins are among the most lethal naturally occurring toxins known today. The beans most commonly are used for ornamental purposes, such as prayer or rosary beads, or in musical shakers (maracas).

The castor bean plant (Ricinus communis) is found primarily in Asia and Africa, but the plant has taken root in all temperate and subtropical regions around the world. In fact, the castor bean plant grows in the southwest United States mainly along streams and riverbeds. Castor beans are oblong and brown in color with speckled dark brown spots.

Jequirity bean plant (Abrus precatorius) is primarily found in southeast Asia, but has spread to subtropical regions. The jequirity bean has a shiny appearance and is mainly red in color with a black spot.

For centuries, ricin and abrin, the toxin contained in the seeds of the castor and jequirity beans, respectively, have been used for homicidal purposes. The ease of production of ricin makes it very attractive as an agent that could be used by a terrorist or other criminal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) categorizes ricin as a category B agent because it is moderately easy to disseminate while causing moderate-to-high morbidity in humans.

During the 1980s, the Iraqi government made weapon-grade ricin, and it was tested on animals and in artillery shells. In 2003, ricin was found in US Senator Bill Frist's office, and, in January of that same year, Arabs connected to Al-Qaeda were arrested in a London apartment while trying to manufacture ricin.1 In February 2008, a man was poisoned in a hotel room in Las Vegas, Nevada. Because of the ongoing threat of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the United States, physicians must become familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of poisonings due to substances such as ricin.


These beans contain potent toxalbumins that inhibit protein synthesis and cause severe cytotoxic effects on multiple organ systems. Castor beans contain the toxalbumin ricin, and jequirity beans contain abrin. The toxins are present in all parts of the plant but are most concentrated in the beans or seeds. Symptoms include delayed gastroenteritis, which may be severe and hemorrhagic, followed by delirium, seizures, coma, and death. The beans are covered by a hard, relatively impervious outer shell that must be chewed or broken in some way in order for the toxalbumin to be released and, thus, present a toxic hazard. Castor beans are particularly antigenic and may cause severe cutaneous hypersensitivity and systemic reactions.


United States

Jequirity and castor bean ingestions are extremely uncommon. The American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) recorded 168 cases of toxalbumin cases.2 Of those 156 were single exposures, 53 of which were treated in a health care facility. No deaths were reported and only one was considered to have a major adverse reaction.


Fatalities have occasionally been reported following ingestion of chewed castor beans. Chewing and swallowing as little as 1 bean may produce death in a child; however, swallowing an intact bean without chewing is unlikely to cause serious sequelae. Jequirity bean mortality is 5% for ingestion, and death may occur as long as 14 days after poisoning.Can the Castor oil plant make you high?
Castor bean plants -seeeds- are the source of Ricin an extremely toxic substance to most living creatures /man included. Do not under any circumstances experiment with this product or it will be your last experiment....the plant itsefl makes for a very lovely addition to a garden as it adds a tropicl air to the garden with its' bamboo like stalk a combination of light green and burgundy colors along with very very large palm like fronds that are green/red tinged as well. Towards the end of the season the plant putsforht its fruit that turns a bright red adding more color to an alreday beautiful plant, especially one that does not flower....This plant will not survive the northern climes and you ahve to overwinter the seed pods and then replant in the spring.....

Be careful with children and you be careful yourslef
I also want to know the right way. Help

I really doubt that it can make you high.

I know it can make you poop. It can make you die a painful death (look up Ricin).
Make you high? How about make you DEAD?

Castor beans are highly toxic, so just get any nonsense about using them out of your head. Right now!
NO...It is highly POISONOUS,
caster beans are poisons
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