Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How does fish oil affect plant growth?

If 5 mL each of fish oil is given to flowering plants, would the plants' growth increase or would their luminosity increase (brightness)?How does fish oil affect plant growth?
It seems you are treating plants like human beings .

You cannot spoon feed any thing to plants as you would give it to a human!

How will you administer fish oil ( may be shark , cod or for that matter any fish ) to the plant ? Are you going to give it once or repeat the dosage ?

Are you going to inject it ?

Then you will be able to kill the plant rather quickly

If you put it in the soil around the plant ; then the same effect is observed but will take a bit more time .

Forget about the plants' growth increase or their luminosity increase (brightness).

Plants are not animals . Their requirements are different .

Even amongst the animals ; the food requirement are different .

Animals ( including humans ) require iron ( Fe ) for formation of hemoglobin in blood .

But that does not mean that one can force a few grams of raw iron compound ( like ferric or ferrous sulphate)down their gullet !!!!!

It will have disastrous effect .

One must have knowledge of the metabolic activities of any organism before one can tinker with their nutrition .

No matter how hungry is a tiger , it will not eat grass ( It is full of essential nutrients that are useful to tiger ) . this is because tiger does not have metabolic machinery to handle it .

Now some advice=

1 ) If your main intention is to try out fish oil on your plants then do not do it .

2 ) If your main intention is the health and welbeing of your plants ,then-

i ) loosen the soil around your plants to improve aeration and to drain off the surplus water that accumulates from time to time .

ii ) After loosening the soil give some organic manure or organic fertilizer by sprinkling it around the plants .

iii ) Ensure that the plants receive full sunlight , so that they will grow and produce flowers to their full genetic capacity .

Since the plant names are not mentioned . I have quoted general rules of the thumb above in i , ii and iii.

Thank you !

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