Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to optimize a oil and gas plant?

I have been in the petroleum business for 35 years, I have never heard of and oil and gas plant. Can you provide a definition or a description of what this facility does?

Then was is the basis for optimization? Cost? revenue? product recovery?How to optimize a oil and gas plant?
Build it with the following guidelines in mind:

1. The layout of the plant should logically follow the different steps in refining and distilling the different oil and gas products. This will ease troubleshooting in case of problems later on.

2. Lots of safety measures built into each process especially where people will be operating the machinery.

3. Location far away from any population areas in case of accidents yet close to major transportation hubs such as railroads, highways or harbors. Also, locate it in a state which is friendly to oil and gas plants.

4. Hire the best crew you can and train them extensively and constantly in safety measures.

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