Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Would reviving the nuclear reactor plant in Bataan help solve oil problem in the country?

Is it the solution to meeting the country's energy demands and decreasing dependence on imported oil? Your opinions, please.Would reviving the nuclear reactor plant in Bataan help solve oil problem in the country?
for me this is the right option to have efficient power source in the country. i don't know why? we have plenty of talented mechanical and electrical engineers who are capable to study/research regarding that matter particularly those working in NAPOCOR.

As i said last few days ago here in YAP that 1kg uranium is equevalent 20 million tons of coal that use us in NAPOCOR as fuel to produce electricity and the polution produced by fueling coal is enormous compare to uranium.

Some environmentalest disagree about using the nuclear power in the country coz they are worred to have radiation leakage from the waste of it. but as i learned the waste of nuclear power plant will be disposed to several meters under the ground with sealed thick glass container. so, it is very safe. the possibity of victim 8 people in every 5,000 people while the victim of cancer at the recent survey of WHO are 80 in every 400 people.Would reviving the nuclear reactor plant in Bataan help solve oil problem in the country?
Somehow it can replenish the energy requirements of the country. But diminishing the dependence of imported crude oil,that is another story. The energy department has no concrete plan about the energy needs of the country, as long as their is an investor to put-up a power plant they usually have a go signal, only the local residents that opposed to it (especially when they set-up near the residential area). They (the energy department) could hardly address the LPG requirement of the country, what more for the nuclear plant? Provided that the nuclear plant would be revived, will the price of electricity go down as we decreased our consumption of crude oil?
Tempting to just turn it on to solve our money problem right?

But then, if something goes wrong (and in the Pinas setting -wherein facilities are often poorly maintained ) - this could turn into a catastrophe which could expose many filipinos to radiation, killing them instantly or after a long agonizing time with cancer and other radiation sickness, and worst, render many parts of Luzon unlivable for 2,000 years, and will also make Metro Manila polluted with nuclear contaminants, ensuring that many of us will get sick or mutate within years of the accident.

It's not like: ay mali, then the usual finger pointing and exposes about corruptions which resulted from the usual suspects in the government buying substandard materials in exchange for big kickbacks, then everybody forget what happens after awhile...And nobody goes to jail. Nuclear contamination is a serious, irreversible tragedy.
Yes, it will be of great help to our country. But I'm a bit afraid of it (remember the Chernobyl?), the plant will be full of radioactive materials. Plus, environmentalists will not agree on that as well as the local residents.
Anything would be better than continuing to shovel cash into the pockets of the wealthiest bigots in the world. All those elaborate castles in the desert are built with your money. The same people who consider the rest of the world as animals to be slaughtered at their own liking. I say let them park those Mercedez Benz and learn to ride a camel again. Let them eat sand for a while and see if they can produce their own food. One day their oil will be worthless. Then lets see how much they are willing to pay for rice, corn, wheat, etc.
well, if it doesnt pose any potential hazards (considering that the plant is built near major earthquake fault lines and a volcano)..and if the costs of updating its technical components would not be so ridiculously impractical..

...then why not.
it may only reduce the country's oil consumption by cutting down on the use on generating electricity but not on transportation and other stuff.

as the local singing trio, Apo Hiking Society said:

there's NO CLEAR PLAN for the NUCLEAR PLANT! hehehe
I don't care if it would or won't anymore, I want to get my money's worth from it. (As long as it doesn't kill people).

-The nuke plant is no longer a ';white elephant';, we need it now!
yes, it will also give ';power'; to the country, but you have to sacrifice the natural wonders...
Yes, as well as electricity.

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