Friday, December 18, 2009

Where do the most oil plants grow?

cold country or hot country or latin country .Where do the most oil plants grow?
Saudi Arabia

Dennis GWhere do the most oil plants grow?
I'm not sure what you mean by ';oil plants';. If you are talking about plants that are used to make ethanol then warm climate is preferred. Warm climate is better for plants like sugar cane which yield the highest amount of energy. If you talking about oils in plants in general, then all climates. All plats have some oils in them. Peanuts and soy are very common oils used in cooking that come from plants and grow in various climates. Many other plants also produce oils from every climate on earth.
The oil plant is an aggressive, invasive, vine-like plant that grows throughout Latin America. The flowers are sponge like spheres which, when squeezed, secrete crude oil. The term oil wells stems from the fact that the plants prefer dark, humid abandoned wells, where they can thrive. They are harvested by enslaved chinchillas native to the area, then stolen and shipped to oil refineries around the world.
oil does not grow on plants...
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