Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Caster oil plant- should i get rid of it?

i have 2 small caster oil plants i recently planted but have just found out they can be poisonus. now thinking of pulling them out. are they as bad or dangerous as i have been told, the garden does need to be child friendly.Caster oil plant- should i get rid of it?
It's true that the beans are highly toxic (it only takes about 8 of them to kill an adult). But, the leaves are not toxic. Only the immature pods and mature seeds. Many gardeners grow castors but choose to cut off the pods for safety reasons as soon as the plant starts to flower and produce seeds. It's your call, but if you want to keep the plants, I would keep them but just take reasonable precautions. Of course, you can never be too careful, and it depends on lots of factors (do you have time to always cut off the flowers and dispose of them? How likely are your children to eat the pods? etc.)Caster oil plant- should i get rid of it?
There are two plants called castor oil plants.

Ricinus communis this plant is poisonous.

Fatsia japonica this plant is not.

Check which you have before you throw them.
It is a very handsome plant when young but gets straggly and untidy when older. I'd grow from seed every year and use the plants for dotting around the garden. That way they may never get mature nough to bear the poisonous seeds.
Castor Bean!

Castrol Oil!
It is just the white round seeds which form from the flowers in sept.Very easy just to cut them off when they appear.The leaves and trunk are fine
Yeah, I think you are right, castor beans are poisonous so I would pull them.

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