Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How does corn oil affect plant growth?

I am doing an experiment of how cooking oil affect plant growth... The only thing i have close to cooking oil is corn oil. I watered the plant with corn oil and water mixed together. The result weren't what i suspected the plant is dieing some how. Maybe because it doesn't have enough temperature because there were some cold days.

Can someone give me an exact answer what are the correct results?

If you have any background skills that may help please list


I am watering a Geranium plant Thank you so much any answer will recieve 5 stars =]How does corn oil affect plant growth?
my son did a similar experiment for school and watered similar plants with different products,the oil clogs the plants ability to ';breathe'; it prevents the plant from absorbing light energy to photosynthesis.He also watered with vinegar,coke and water
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