Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where in the plant will oil be found?

Depends on the plant.

Many plants have the ';essential'; oils within the leaves and some within the bark. There are many ways of extracting that oil. Steam, solvent, pressing, grinding.

To find the way to get the oil of your type of plant, research that plant.Where in the plant will oil be found?
the oil is generally derived from the leaves although it can be from the stem

sometimesthough it is from the fruit.

So I guess the answer is that it comes from any part and depends on the plantWhere in the plant will oil be found?
Very Very deep in the ground-LOL!! That's why they have oil rigs that drill in the earth for miles in search of oil!!
For the oil that is often used for cooking, it is extracted from the seeds. Prime examples are sunflower oil and rape seed oil.The seeds are ground up and pressed to produce the oil.

Oil can also come from the leaves and flowers ,which are then distilled, for aromatherapy oils and essential oils, which are used in cosmetics, soaps etc. Examples of these are lavender and violets
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Often its in the fruit. For example an olive tree
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