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What is the process of extracting oil from a plant?

please i really need it in detail.

and i need the easiest way of oil extraction.

also i need a list of the things need things

i really appreciate those who will help me outWhat is the process of extracting oil from a plant?
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Step1Use the maceration method of extracting oil from plants. This is the easiest method of extracting oil from plants. This is mainly for an aromatherapy benefit. Soak the plant matter in vegetable oil, heat up the oil for a few minutes (not boiling, just heated on medium high).

Step2Let the oil cool for a bit (don't let it get cold) and strain the mixture to separate the plant material from the oil. You have now created a plant infused oil that is ideal for massage purposes.

Step3Expression is also known as cold pressing. This is a great process for things like citrus oils.

Step4Remove the rind from the citrus fruit you'd like to press--such as orange, lemon or grapefruit.

Step5Chop or grind the rind of the citrus fruit.

Step6Press the rind mixture through a strainer or cheesecloth and catch the juice in a bowl. The product you get will be a watery blend of liquid and essential oil, which tends to separate over time. This product has a short shelf life (six months), so make only what you will use in that time frame.

Step7Steam distillation is another relatively easy way to extract oil from plants. To do this, you must have a still (this is similar to a pressure cooker). You can purchase or make your own still, but these directions assume that you already have one.

Step8Place the plant material in the still. Add water to the still. Heat the water slowly.

Step9The heat will create pressurized steam in the still. As the pressurized steam passes through the plant material, the oil in the plant is vaporized. The oil vapor passes out of the top of the still through a coil where the oil vapors condense back to liquids in a collection chamber. The oil separates from the water and floats to the top of the mixture.

Step10Skim the oil off of the water and you now have extracted oil from a plant for whatever use you'd like.What is the process of extracting oil from a plant?
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