Friday, December 18, 2009

What are the ways to improve heat rate of an oil fired power plant?

How can we improve heat rate of a regenerative reheat oil fired power plant? like variable speed drives....etc etcWhat are the ways to improve heat rate of an oil fired power plant?
What type of oil fired plant are you refering to steam boiler/turbine or combustion turbine used in either the simple cycle or combined cycle mode. For a steam cycle, and without considering the practicality, one can add feedwater heaters, replace the turbine or install more efficient internals, increase steam pressure/temperature, better burners, more efficient motors, install variable speed drives on the bigger fan (forced draft, induced draft) motors, better insulation.

Not sure how to do this.

Some additional thoughts.

%26gt;How clean do you keep the condenser?

%26gt;Ditto for FW heaters. Do you calculate LMTD for the heaters?

%26gt;Do your operators maintain all the parameters, e.g., SH temperature that affect heat rate? Do they have a HR parameter display, HR goals?

%26gt;How clean is your turbine? When was it last opened? Washed?

%26gt;Have you tested for seal leakage HP to IP?

%26gt;Don't know your mode of operation, i.e., base, peaking, but do you use full arc or partial arc admission?

%26gt;If your a peaker, and assuming you're not a UP, have you looked at variable pressure operation?

%26gt;Peaking or cycling - have you optimized your start ups? Do you bottle up the boiler?

%26gt;How clean is the boiler, especially, SH and RH passes?


%26gt;GE and W used to offer high efficiency L-0 blades. How old is your unit? Do you have these blades installed?

%26gt;Have you looked for hard particle erosion on your nozzle block and 1st stage blades?

%26gt;Do you chemically clean the boiler? Do you have chordal thermocouples installed?

%26gt;What condition is your air preheater in?What are the ways to improve heat rate of an oil fired power plant?
Better fuel
super unlead gas

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